Monday, 13 February 2017

Web Design tips for people in Kent

One of the biggest complaints against web designers is that they are here today, and gone tomorrow.

Few have the business acumen to stick at it, and continue to provide a good quality service to their customers.

Managing a business is a skill that few people have. Many try but are easily distracted, do not have a coherent business plan and tend to lack expertise in critical areas stymieing their ability to offer a complete service.

We have looked around the Kent area, as this is the South East of England where many of the leading companies have been established and the area has a good tech sector. There are many web design agencies in Kent to choose from so here are some things to look out for.

You need a good web designer who can focus on what your business needs and give fast, efficient backup and service to maintain your website.

Can your son/friend/neighbours boy make a website, do you need a web designer at all? Few have the skills required to build a workable website. Errors we often see are complete lack of compliance with data protection/copyright and privacy laws. As a web designer we often get called in when a site has been hacked or defaced. This could have been avoided in 99% of cases were the site to have been adequately secured and kept patched and up to date.

The credibility a business loses when a site gets hacked or a firm has to deal with serious legal fallout through non compliance is just not worth the risk. Generally speaking a qualified experienced web developer can do more in a shorter time and at a higher standard than someone new to the field of web design.

Cross browser compatibility and mobile device support are also essentials in the modern world of web design.

To keep appraised of developments in the world of web development we suggest you try the many online sites and resources like webmaster world and semrush.

One thing that is sure is that web design moves at quite a pace. What worked well and looked good one year is starting to show it's age in just a couple of years. Focus on keeping things simple, especially when it comes to web projects and you'll be fine.

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