Saturday, 23 July 2016

Guide to Dover Kent

Dover is the southern most part of the UK and is just 21 miles away from France.

You can see France clearly on a good day. Dover is famed for it's white cliffs and has recently undergone a major regeneration.

The old high rise block on the front has been demolished which has long blighted the area and tourism has been given a boost thanks to the major face lift in Dover.

There are many hotels and places to stay in Dover and we suggest you consult a guide to Dover Kent to explore all of the options available to you.

There is lots of shopping opportunities in Dover and many restaurants and cafes to explore.

The docks have bought much business and commerce to Dover and has been regarded by many as the gateway to England.

The thriving sports center boast a pool, gym, squash courts and lots of other facilities. Along the sea front you'll find plenty of spots for a peaceful walk and if you wish to explore water sports there is much you can choose from along the Dover coast.

We are sure you will enjoy Dover, and just up the road is the charming town of Deal in Kent. You'll have a great time at Dover and you'll find a very diverse and interesting local population.

Please note that fuel prices near the docks are generally much higher that the service stations within the town or up at Whitfield as most people fill up having arrived at or departing from Dover. Plan your fuel stops carefully and you'll be fine. Check out the weather for Dover here

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