Sunday, 5 June 2016

Arabica vs Robusta

Robusta vs Arabica

The world produces just two dominant types of coffee bean, namely Arabica and Robusta It is not really hard to choose, but they both offer something different.  So which is better? Let's look at the Robusta vs Arabica debate and see.

Robusta is cheaper, tastes more bitter and has more caffeine. So it makes a good basis for a stimulating coffee.

Purists generally prefer the taste of Arabica which is smoother and has a chocolately aftertaste.

Of course there are many regional variations in the bean itself and one cannot really define every type of Arabica with a single sentance.

Most shop coffees contain a blend of the two and sometimes different regions and varying roasts are combined to give the taste and texure you desire from your coffee.

It is common for these two varieties of beans to be blended after separate roasting to create a controlled flavour and experience. Purists will always favour Arabica. Robusta is rarely chosen as a favourite but there are many that … Robusta vs Arabica

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